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  • Seasons Shifting

    Seasons Shifting

    Years after finishing college, I still got a sense that I should pick up a few notebooks for school.

  • My Apologies (And Excuses)

    Do I want this thing to happen? Yes! I want to BE a writer, not just claim it! I realize my battle is uphill on a steep scree slope and things take time to happen. So, here’s to moving forward.

  • Cranky Life

    Life is a cranky bitch waiting to bite you as soon as you get too comfortable.

  • Feedback: The Scary Lineman

    This week I’ve been working on incorporating some suggestions for my fantasy novel. Not all of it was flattery, but it was good feedback. Input of any kind, given constructively is greatly valuable. Any writer desiring to improve their writing has to learn how to take critique. Some people may roll their eyes at this. […]

  • Vacation Killer

    Vacation Killer

    Once upon a time, I could venture into an unknown world of my own creation in a moment, spurred by any number of inspirative stimuli. That’s not the case so much anymore.

  • Hello Again!

    Without jinxing myself, I think I can say I’m slowly getting better at making this blog a weekly project. Even without the sense of the world slowly suffocating from coronavirus, this still rates high for me. Pathetic? Probably, but at least it’s getting done. This week I started getting active on Twitter. I have to […]

  • Good Afternoon!

    This week refuses to slow down. Between picking up two extra shifts and trying to convince myself I’m maintaining control of my life, I hit a breaking point. Part of that involved dropping into the mindset that my life controls me. Climbing out of that pit involves a heavy dose of dissociation and white-knuckling until […]

  • Working and Writing: Conflict and Reward

    To those still following this blog in any capacity, thank you for your dedication despite the intermittent nature of my posts. As you might have picked up, I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch which has derailed my drive to write for a year and a half. Despite my friends in the […]

  • Happy Holidays! (Three Months Late)

    Happy Holidays! (Three Months Late)

    Honestly, I can’t complain about Christmas this year. At least I got to spend the morning with my man and the afternoon binge watching every Christmas movie I owned or cared to watch off Netflix or Amazon. I found it a little disturbing and profound that I identified with George Bailey up to the point where he never escaped Bedford Falls. Reminded me of my high school years, constantly dreaming and yearning for the day when I could cut loose and escape the smallness of my hometown.

  • New Computer

    New computer! So nice to have a screen this big, My old 24” Visio TV is wide enough to see two pages at one time and still be able to read it! I have a second monitor for the hell of it, an old Dell salvaged out of a dumpster. I’ll have to figure out […]