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What about me?

It started with a weekly journal assignment in grade school and became a regular doodling habit which annoyed most of my teachers before I departed high school. I spent college pursuing a degree which would lead to a “stable” income. My idea was that I’d write as a hobby while working a regular job. Well, life got in the way of things and it took a while before I had something worth sharing with the world. 

Westerns were my first love starting with John Wayne “B” movies and other B&W movies starring Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. By age 10 I started reading Louis L’Amour and soon branched out to Owen Wister, Zane Grey and Jack Schaefer among others. The western genre, in its classic state, will always be my favorite.

Watching Star Wars for the first time at age eight started me down the road to nerdiness. Following this, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space Nine ran on TV for a good chunk of my middle school years inspiring a fascination in science fiction. I have enjoyed Evan Curie’s works immensely and consider him my favorite Science Fiction writer.

More recently, I’ve grown interested in real life which has led to this blog of anecdotal stories. Some students I worked with tried to come up with an impersonation of me. They eventually gave up and simply said that I always told stories and never told the same one twice. Mark Twain, Gabriel Iglesias and my grandfather serve as my inspiration in telling humorous stories. After all, sometimes you just have to laugh at the twisted nature of life in general.

Many events led me to this point in life. I’ve given up waiting for the “right” opportunity to take my love of storytelling to the next level. With some hard work and a little luck I’ll make a career out of this yet!

Holding my Model 1894 Winchester.

I’m an okay shot, but I think that jacket looks pretty good!

Outside the Rockpile Museum in Gillette, WY

To all the people and places who have educated me and inspired me throughout my life, thank you for this awesome journey!

When I’m not writing or Working
  • Irritating Buck with poor housekeeping
  • Work on classic vehicles with friends
  • Playing with my dog and cats
  • Listening to podcasts with a psychology, science or religious theme
  • Trying to keep my plants alive
  • Planning a garden that never gets planted
  • Road Tripping (As in travel, not the visual pun)

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I may be old. I may be rusty, but my engine still roars and my wheels still roll!–Old ’59

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