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  • Volunteer Services’ Worst Enemy

    I’ve been burned out more times than I care to admit and resorted to several self-destructive behaviors. I can’t say I would encourage anyone to do what I do for a living.

  • The Traditionalism I Know

    I remember sunny late mornings after church. The adults would stand around drinking coffee while discussing things that would forever remain beyond my child’s understanding, even after I’d reached adulthood and earned a bachelor’s degree. In their opinion, my generation could never fully understand the ins and outs of why a Traditional Catholic Church was […]

  • Small Town Quirks

    It’s like those situations in life when despite all indications to the contrary, most people would sooner tolerate the bully than risk even social death. 

  • Don’t Turn Your Back on Mental Discomfort

  • Thoughts for Today

  • Valentines


    I knew flowers were expensive and didn’t last, and though I thought of it as a beautiful gift, I convinced myself that it was impractical and therefore pointless to desire.

  • The Newsletter

    The Newsletter

    What started as a blanket letter to everyone known to the family, naturally morphed into a silent game of one-upmanship among the Wendalls.

  • Social Survival

    No one who sat back and simply waited for rescue got it.

  • What It Really Means to Carpe That Diem

    In case you weren’t reminded of this fact lately, we’re all going to die. You, me, everyone you ever cared for. The people you admire will die. The richest of the rich will pretty much die. Sooner or later, even the people you can’t stand will die. When we die doesn’t really matter. But… CLICK HERE […]

  • The code of silence ends here

    As outrage burns over the murder of George Floyd, my commitment to police reforms & accountability has never been stronger. I’m outraged because the actions of those officers do not represent our honorable profession. I’m outraged by the depravity shown by Derek Chauvin under the color of authority, and we all instantly knew every cop […]