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  • The Sum of Identity

    Another schedule change, and I’m left working myself into another routine. Since resigning from the ER left me a little isolated, I joined a book club here in town. No offense to the club, but the first book I read three pages into the first chapter and gave up. It was redundant and possibly written…

  • Return from Hiatus

    Gotta love life as a writer with a day job! Things were going along smoothly for a while, then three weeks ago, two things happened. One of our volunteer drivers took a couple of vacations and the EMS gods made life a little more than interesting. I will say that I’ve now been on four…

  • Update for February 2023

    I hate this kind of post, especially for a blog. I love and hate attention seeking. Yes, it’s nice to be recognized, but with recognition comes the risk of being put down. This last week I realized this holds me back from completing stories. If I want an excuse, one will appear since writing is…

  • Thoughts From A Christmas Classic

    Thoughts From A Christmas Classic

    Don’t make this a Holiday to remember. Make the effort to remember it instead.

  • Meet This Author: Gayle Smith

    Originally posted on Urban Book Reviews: Q: When did you decide to become a writer? I have loved literature, both stories and poetry, from a very young age. Over twenty years ago I felt a strong urge to write. I started writing “cowboy” poems and performed with my husband, Alf Epp, at the Maple Creek…

  • Ditching the Cult

    Ditching the Cult

    Every religion has lunatics in one variety or another.

  • Arrogant People

    Arrogant People

    I’ve made poor choices in life and dealt with the consequences, including criticism, without hiding behind someone, which is all the more reason I hold no obligation to feel sorry for her.

  • Onward Into Fall

    The vice is the band aid making up for something else.

  • Lessons in an Old Jeep

    Lessons in an Old Jeep

    Now, turning back was not an option.The storm would overtake me before I made it back to town.

  • Gators in the Swimming Hole

    Children of parents with personality disorders are conditioned to a certain level of abuse.