My Apologies (And Excuses)

Obviously, I’ve missed a couple of postings these last two weeks. Somewhere between taking on extra shifts and having some particularly gabby coworkers, getting my posts edited and proofed turned into a case of “not happening.”

It also started me considering some things. While working on some logistical adjustments, I decided that it might be best to reschedule posts for Wednesdays.

I’m also going to try a slightly different direction with my posts. The other half of my excuse is I have had nothing to write worth y’all reading over the last two weeks. A combination of poor time management and stress brought on writing paralysis. Also, the lack of direction with whatever topic I picked left me entirely uninspired. So, going forward, I intend to make this a bit more like a memoir. Facts and characters will be changed where necessary to protect identities and amplify the story, but hopefully this will make things more entertaining. I’m aiming for something somewhere between Jim Burnett’s Hey Ranger! and Garrison Keilor’s Tales from Lake Wobegon. With enough work and a little luck, I should hit the mark.

I appreciate all feedback. So, please tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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