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  • Legendary Pets

    Trying to live like you were dying makes good music and romantic stories, it can be depressing and exhausting. The trick is valuing those moments without obsessing on mortality.

  • Search for Shoes

    Search for Shoes

    They say half of success is showing up. It’s easier to get going once you show up, especially if you have the right shoes for the job.

  • Valentines


    I knew flowers were expensive and didn’t last, and though I thought of it as a beautiful gift, I convinced myself that it was impractical and therefore pointless to desire.

  • Stuck in the Middle

    I grew up in that fundametalist world where Red Dawn was prophecy and the best that I could hope for was dying a martyr for either country or religion.

  • Happy Holidays!

    I tuned in to 99.9 this weekend to find the non-stop stream of Christmas music. This song, sung by the lounge singing great, Frank Sinatra, came around. How many people know the song “Happy Holidays!” is the flagship song of a movie called Holiday Inn starring Bing Crosby, Fred Astair and Margorie Reynolds? It was […]

  • Fake Wrapping

    Fake Wrapping

    Anything, be it a person, place, thing or idea, that has to be wrapped up in a lie is not worth a person’s time.

  • Update from September 20, 2020

    Update from September 20, 2020

    Looking back, I feel like I’ve missed summer entirely. Yet I know I did everything possible to enjoy it.

  • Chief


    That incident in particular gave rise to our favorite line, “Hold on! I’m going to do something stupid!”

  • Social Survival

    No one who sat back and simply waited for rescue got it.

  • Recalling the Ranger

    Recalling the Ranger

    Sometimes, I feel like a has-been. At least I’m not a never-was.