The Story Starts Here

Welcome to my blog! A platform of public tinkering. I promise I will spare all readers the truly pathetic pieces and weak humor and do my best to deliver enjoyable, short stories to liven the five, ten or fifteen minutes you have to wait for your doctor or dentist. It may seem that I’m setting the bar low, but I’m vertically limited, so cut me a little slack.

The material I post on here will include a collection of personal stories, fictional tales, philosophical rants and maybe a political critique or two. The end goal here is to have a good time and learn a thing or two along the way.

My tenth grade biology teacher was a good example of how to give a lesson. In the era of grad standards when, from the student’s perspective, it didn’t matter how much you knew or how well you learned but whether or not you could jump through certain hoops, Ms. W taught without us realizing it was work. Granted, most of us in the class were still too sleepy (or possibly hung over or drugged) to appreciate her jokes first thing in the morning, but they were good ones. It’s her example that I hope to follow here, to keep things entertaining while making people think.

Rabbit holes will abound, but there will always, eventually, be a worm hole that brings us right back to where we started so we are never hopelessly lost in an alternative universe. I hope you all will stick around and see where the journey leads.

Happy reading!


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