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  • Just An Update

    So, this is a dumping ground for the moment…or the next few moments.

  • Down the Drain

    Down the Drain

    After $80, what’s another $30? After the $110, I may as well pay $44.50 because I’ll lose the $110 anyway if I don’t add on to that. Everyone’s out for money, and penny by penny, they bleed you like parasites until you have nothing left. If it isn’t money, it’s time. It’s set up as…

  • End of an Era

    End of an Era

    Over the last month I lived in Montana, I caught myself thinking things like, “That’s the last time I’ll walk through that door.” Or “That’s the last time I’ll see that person,” or hundreds of other ways it could be the “last”. Somehow, I found myself considering what it will be like when the time…

  • Moving…Again!


    At 6 a.m. on a September morning, my parents literally kicked me out of the tent at the KOA in Billings, Montana. Thus ended my first move as an adult and started a long career adrift.