Stuck in the Middle

I grew up in that fundametalist world where Red Dawn was prophecy and the best that I could hope for was dying a martyr for either country or religion.

Happy Holidays!

I tuned in to 99.9 this weekend to find the non-stop stream of Christmas music. This song, sung by the lounge singing great, Frank Sinatra, came around. How many people know the song “Happy Holidays!” is the flagship song of a movie called Holiday Inn starring Bing Crosby, Fred Astair and Margorie Reynolds? It was … Continue reading Happy Holidays!

What It Really Means to Carpe That Diem

In case you weren’t reminded of this fact lately, we’re all going to die. You, me, everyone you ever cared for. The people you admire will die. The richest of the rich will pretty much die. Sooner or later, even the people you can’t stand will die. When we die doesn’t really matter. But… CLICK HERE … Continue reading What It Really Means to Carpe That Diem

The code of silence ends here

As outrage burns over the murder of George Floyd, my commitment to police reforms & accountability has never been stronger. I’m outraged because the actions of those officers do not represent our honorable profession. I’m outraged by the depravity shown by Derek Chauvin under the color of authority, and we all instantly knew every cop … Continue reading The code of silence ends here

School desegregation and Whiteness in Brooklyn

An interview with Lisa Raymond-Tolan Lisa Raymond-Tolan is a parent in Brooklyn’s District 15 whose son was part of the district’s new desegregation plan. As a result, her son was assigned to a school that was not on their list, and at which he would be one of the only White students. Lisa’s son ended … Continue reading School desegregation and Whiteness in Brooklyn