Hello Again!

Without jinxing myself, I think I can say I’m slowly getting better at making this blog a weekly project. Even without the sense of the world slowly suffocating from coronavirus, this still rates high for me. Pathetic? Probably, but at least it’s getting done. This week I started getting active on Twitter. I have to … Continue reading Hello Again!

Working and Writing: Conflict and Reward

To those still following this blog in any capacity, thank you for your dedication despite the intermittent nature of my posts. As you might have picked up, I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch which has derailed my drive to write for a year and a half. Despite my friends in the … Continue reading Working and Writing: Conflict and Reward

Happy Holidays! (Three Months Late)

Honestly, I can't complain about Christmas this year. At least I got to spend the morning with my man and the afternoon binge watching every Christmas movie I owned or cared to watch off Netflix or Amazon. I found it a little disturbing and profound that I identified with George Bailey up to the point where he never escaped Bedford Falls. Reminded me of my high school years, constantly dreaming and yearning for the day when I could cut loose and escape the smallness of my hometown.